Broad Objective

 Farmer Research Network (FRN) is an approach developed with an overall aim of increasing productivity and household incomes of smallholder farmers and other value chain actors in ensuring sustainability (social, economic and environmental) of smallholder farming systems through engagement of farmers in research.

Farmer Research Network principles are intended to align efforts to achieve the following aims:

  • To increase the collective capacity of the research and Design system to gather, share and interpret observational and experimental data, and thus to build the evidence base for agro-ecological intensification (AEI)
  • To support AEI of smallholder agriculture
  • To increase the agency and capabilities of rural community farmers to engage in research and innovation processes.

Why FRN?

Historically, research and extension organizations have sought simple answers and one-size-fits all country-wide recommendations and attempted to impose them in a top-down manner, often with limited success. Farmers’ research network is meant to provide useful knowledge at farmer, regional and global levels.  Linkages between technical and social innovation as well as linkages between local and global knowledge are required in order to achieve the impacts of the whole approach. CREP-Program therefore supports its targeted community farmers in participatory research initiatives.

This network enable farmer to play key roles in the on-farm experimentation and enabling farmer-to-farmer learning, catalyzing research and sharing information around AEI-oriented, smallholder relevant technologies and management practices to improve the performance of smallholder farming systems. Farmers are then capable of judging AEI options and make informed decisions regarding their own farm management


Kisumu, Siaya, Busia, Vihiga, Migori and Homabay


  • Storage pest management ( focused on 5 different methods of storing maize and beans grains)
  • Trials on 13 assorted sorghum varieties
  • Trials on 5 assorted beans varieties
  • Trials on striga weed management options