What we Do


Who we are

CREP Programme is a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organisation committed to addressing food and nutritional insecurity, environmental degradation and economically empowering vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community.

Who we serve

– CREP Programme supports needy small-scale farmers, community groups and other vulnerable individuals regardless of race, age, gender, education, geographical or ethnic origin, or religion

Who we serve

CREP Programme has a fundamental belief in the potential
of small-scale farmers, community groups and other vulnerable individuals to
improve their well being, and in the need to promote their rights and interests,
especially those of vulnerable groups.

Our Activities

Food and Nutritional Security

Environmental Conservation and Rehabilitation

Water and Sanitation

Micro-Enterprise Development

Gender equality and equity

Disaster Mitigation

Our Digital Platform

How we work

In order to achieve its vision of a self-reliant community, CREP Programme advocates for equitable distribution of resources and opportunities among all citizens.
The organisation also strives to empower it target groups particularly the vulnerable community members with the aim of enabling them to exploit their local resources for socio-economic development in sustainable manner. CREP Programme also works through common interest groups that are driven by the agenda if the community and model farms that in the community

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